Friday, December 28, 2007

Great whites caught in Port Elizabeth at Something Good

I heard that two small great whites were caught recently at Something Good. They were taken from the shore by anglers. The estimated weights were 80 and 120 kg. The sharks were released. back in 1993 I dived that area and got two big baardman of about 9 kg. One bred profusely and when I was returning I felt a tug on my floatline - after replying with a hard irritated pull I looked up and did not see the expected small bronze whaler but rather a larger greatwhite of about 3 m eating my fish and making a lot of tail spray. The fin began heading strait down the float line (which luckily was about 40 m long) it turned at 12 m and swam into my line mouth open - cut the line and sounded. Angry at the loss of my fish I debated whether to retrieve my float which was edging off eastward in the moderate west wind. I decided rather not and swam to shore and herded all the kids out the waves, went home and made a pile of powerheads (I cover the making of these in my mentorship program - see for details of program).

Next day I was back armed to the teeth with powerheads and two guns - viz was down to 2.5 m and there were not any baardman in the cave. The short swim seemed to take long that day despite my faster swimming pace.

A medium sized baardman approaches me.

I will soon do a trip to a good spot near Hougam Park (between St Croix Island and Coega harbour)where big baardman can be found - I once took a 10.5 kg one there and some of around 8 or 9 kg - enough to promt a return trip!

Have a good new year party and hope you can be in the sea on new years day - it is often a successful day for me at sea!

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You seems to have a wonderful and enjoyable holidays and a trip. I too am visiting seaside these holidays and will be enjoying the diving sessions.