Wednesday, December 26, 2007

North End Dives - Caranteen thieves

This is what happens sometimes when you leave your gun lying on the bottom with a pilchard on the snap clip. As you may guess there were no frenchies here on the wreck at North End.

I also got some cavebass out for pics - they are curious but not bold.

The bronzebream sensed I was not in hunt mode and posed well with a few small zebras and banded galjoen.

The North End wrecks got stranded in the late 18 hundreds and in the great gale of 1902. Many were wooded ships as is evidenced by the abundance of brass nails on the wreck sites. Crayfish abound and sometimes good fish can be speared on these wrecks too (cob, white steenbras, musselcracker, poenskop, rock cod,springer and garrick)

Sometimes the odd warm water species such as natal snoek or king mackerel - I got a 13 kg king mackerel on a shallow wreck one time.
On onother occasion I saw a brindle bass in that are of about 90 kg!

Unfortunately these areas seldom clean up and when clear the viz is shortlived - you thus need to be vigilant to get dives in over there.

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