Friday, December 21, 2007

Spearfishing Action Warms up

I am getting some reports of good fish being seen and taken around the coast.
Big yellowtail at Cape StFrancis - apparently one of 19.5 was taken and a mate reported seeing a shoal of big ones and musselcracker.
Also there are some garrick about at St Francis.

Cory Versluis saw a big black marlin (he guesses 180 kg)and did not shoot it as he only had his reel gun and not clean kill shot was possible.

I heard there is some bad water at Mosselbay and some divers had some raggy trouble.

Warren Bennet took a 11.7 kg Pomapano in Natal on a shore dive splendid fish. Other divers have been getting some good fish such as sailfish, geelbek and yellowfin in Natal. Check out for pics in the gallery.

We are having a lot of wind this December east and wests mixed. This time last year we had westerlies predominate and very clean warm water with few fish about.
I even remember going out to the RIY banks and diving without a wetsuit for a few minutes - risky though Frenchies bite hard!
More easterlies are lined up for after the weekend so we will not get that same blue warm water with almost no fish - a good thing for spearfishing. Three years ago in similar warm conditions I saw a small sailfish of about 20 kg from the boat in 7 m of water just after launching. I was too slow in getting fins on and gun ready and it sounded not to be seen again.

I hope to get a dive in tomorrow - in past years I was always at sea on Xmas day but recently duties recall me to land - i am working on it though - soon my son will drag me off to sea - perhaps even this xmas day for fishing!

He He! - I knew there was a way where my wife cannot refuse.

Gentlemen - Breed and let you kids bug the wife enough to let you take them to sea and your back in action!

If I do not get off another post have a great XMas and may your spears be bent and legs tired from fighting big game fish!

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