Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Unusual catches for Eastern Cape, rock salmon, cavebass and barred rubberlip.

The water has deteriorated considerably and the last few time I looked at the water on the "west side" it has been full of plankton.
Recently I went for a dive near Coega and we had a great dive with some really unusual catches.

Check out this pic - I took the pics as we sheltered in the lee of the harbour wall.

I had a look in a favourite old spot - a dark cave - and found no cob, only raggies - pointed snouts and teeth everywhere!!

Later I got nice rock salmon - 4 kgs. These wary fish are scare in our home waters - Mark got one on the RIY banks some years back and an earstwhile dive buddy Brad Kwon See got a nice one on the harbour wall in the early nineties. This is an excellent eating fish - I photographed my cooking this arvie and will post it tomorrow - I have probably never had such a good reef fish before!

I had some "chit-chats" with cavebass - and called them in close. They are noisy when you enter their territory and seem to reply when you duplicate their sound. I cover such use of sound as hunting techniques in my mentorship course.

Cavebass are fairly common in Port Elizabeth and also make superb eating but generally they are only about 1-1,3 kg in size.

It was great to get some unusual fish in our home waters.

Word has it that the Tuna in Cape Town are thin this year - Tommy Botha recons the water is not right for them this year as it has been in the past - I think it has to do with the east winds we have been experiencing this summer - like those mid ninety years when the easterlies prevailed and we had to seek out clean water on rising thermoclines to get viz but then when we found that clean water fish were really plentiful during those narrow windows of opportunity.

Apparently Karl Werner in Kwazulu Natal got a really nice spotted grunter of almost 7 kg! Great fish Karl!
I have only ever take two big ones 5.3 and 6.6 kg here in the Eastern Cape. The biggest East Cape grunter I saw was one Eugene van Wyngaart got when I was diving with him - 6.8 kg I think it was.

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