Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 spearfishing has an unusual start for me

Best wishes to all divers and spearos - I hope it's your best yet!
I am quite sure mine will be.

I went for a dive today and got an unusual fish - in fact I still don't know what it is. See the pic - the eye is HUGE. It was 400 g - OK I can shoot strait.

There was a shoal of about ten fish.

A rather sporty tail don't you think?

I will look though a fish book and try find out what it is called.

Sure would be nice if it was 40 kg rather than 400g.

The water along the Eastern Cape coast is now rather mature - plankton has bloomed and muscular easterly swell is stirring up the bays. It's short gun time - I am using my 1m Freedivers gun with two rubbers to power up the spear in event of meeting a big cob, steenbras or cracker. The odd patch of clean water can be found circulating here and there. I even saw the Wild Side Divers fishing for geelbek(and catching too) instead of diving by Braille in the surge.

Rumour has it that the abalone price on the black market is way down so perhaps that explains the absence of poachers (shallow water special its) that I have observed recently.

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Silverback said...

Hi Gletwyn
Interesting fish. Appears to be a Gnomefish (Scombrops boops). Only member of this family found in our water. Often caught by trawlers between the Cape and P.E.

Mark Kallman