Friday, January 25, 2008

Algoa Bay Cob Choir

Summer months in Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth)we have the performances of Cob Choirs. These fish vary from 500 g to over 70 kg and make a variety of sounds. "BrBrBrBr", grunting, knocking(sound like tapping on an empty mayonnaise bottles lid with a spoon)- the smaller fish make a purring type of sound. In Algoa bay these sound tend to occur later in the day from 3 pm to after sunset. On occasion the sounds may be so loud as to be audible from the boat before you enter the water. Toward the Islands in Algoa Bay there are many reefs that boast large cob - but unfortunately as big as the cob are so the water is dirty - many times I swim down to the bottom here and my speartip crashes into the bottom and I still am not able to see the bottom! There is mud on the bottom in this area and it is easily stirred up. The biggest cob I have taken in that are is 28.5 kg and raggies have taxed a few of 20 -30 kgs. These areas can be great for getting those fish over 20 kg in the Port Elizabeth Area as seldom does one get fish over 20 kg outside the bay.

In the PE area I have only taken yellowtail and poenskop over 20 kg beside cob, tuna and marlin would be other good options for beating the 20 kg mark and maybe silver musselcracker. Anyway back to the Algoa Bay Cob Choir.....

When many large cob make the Br style sound together the sounds merge and become a roar - a fantastic sound to witness and rather spooky when you first encounter it.

So would you like to hear the cob? The Youtube video below is my first rendering of the Algoa Bay Cob Choir with an added climax - just for spearos.

(warning: very poor viz 2.5 m - but then you want to listen rather than see, hey - turn up you volume)

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