Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Demise of Blue Beauty

In 1997 I baught a 4.3 m semirigid inflatible from Blake my brother who now runs Ruberia Boats. Recently named her Blue Beauty for lack of that quality due to wear an tear.
This boat served me very well over the last 11 years - very well! It has seen wild surf,40-50 knott gales, great whites, trips to the RIY banks, Bird Island and all over the Eastern Cape - including a cruise up and down the Baakens River in Port ELizabeth when it was flooding year before last.

Allow me to sidetrack a bit:
You can dive rivers and see some life too:
Here is a pic of the Baakens River near my house:

Beneath I found red-fin minnows and tilapia along with great hoards of tadpoles:


back to the demise of my boat:
Sadly she deteriorated bit by bit and the seams began popping on the pontoons.
She is now far too unsafe to take out to sea with my kids or other less than competent swimmers.

Saturday saw her replacement arrive - a fully inflatible Mech Diver - 4.5 m long - ligth and easy to launch solo. I got the good boat on good trailer for a splendid price R2900. I spent R35 onlatex to seal a few leaks internally - thats all.

I will get rid of Blue Beatie's hull - not viable to fix pontoons, floor and transom - all need replacing. The cat hull could make a nice undersea cave - perhaps sea burial is in order.

Anyway, what does the weekend hold? Weather looks pretty good with a small/medium swell forecasted.

Perhaps we may get one of these:

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