Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dive at bellbuoy Port Elizabeth - Freedive clip

The viewing of the youtube clip was a success - some of you may be blocked on this privilege by your workplace.

I added a much better quality clip of a freedive of mine at the bellbuoy - a reef about 1 mile out into Algoa Bay ( my divebook describes it in considerable detail) - not a great spearfishing spot but well dived by scuba divers. You see the environment much as I did - sorry about the odd bump or shake. The clip is higher resolution and lasts about 1 minute - I stopped it at the end of my bottom stay. You see some fish - red roman and other small ones including a john brown. The growth on the bottom is also nicely shown.

Let me know what you think. Shall I post more?
I have plenty.


Anthony said...

HI Gletwyn. I could view both clips no problem. Please post some more?

Anthony said...

Whats up with the time on your blog?