Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lionfish in Algoa Bay

The other day I was diving with Mark and he told me of a lionfish in a hole amongst some rocks - I zipped over to the boat and snatched up my camera and headed back to the hole. There it was:

Eventually I discovered a second smaller lionfish deeper in the hole - it was awkward photography as I never had the privilege of getting to see the view finder.

I had to look for the fish then extend my arm nearer and hope to get it in the shot - I upped my odds with many shots and got a few OK pics - a fibre optic light conduit would be great on such occasions.

Some years back Mark and I found a lionfish near Chelsea Point suffering airbourne sorties from seagulls and we scooped it up and dropped it off at the PE Oceanarium, (Now Bayworld). It made a full recovery and we would often go have a look and perv at the big cob in the tank. Sometimes the bigger cob make a deep repetitive "BrBrBrBrBr.........BrBrBrBrBr........BrBrBrBrBr........" sound which reverberates through a divers chest. They also make various knocking sounds and short triplicate grunts - anglers will probably know the grunting noise from when they have caught cob.

In my mentorship program I cover sound and its applications in spearfishing and freediving - see for details.

I once had the privilege of hearing the cob in the Cape Town waterfront oceanarium making this sound. This sound can become a tremendous roar in the ocean particularly late in the day and can drive you nuts anticipating a large silver broadside approaching. I have a video clip that has the sound of these big cob and will post it on youtube in due course.

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