Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Massive kingfish (caranx)

I was sent a pic this morning of a beast ignobilis.

Dunno who got it nor where but all the same it really big.

The fish was apparently 64 kg!

My biggest was 21 kg - not even 1/3 rd of this fish.

I remember ignobilis kicking really hard with that scaly base on their tails - that 64 kg fish could surely break your arm with one hard kick!

For comparison look at this fish of 41 kg taken by spearfishing legend Koos Jordaan at a Zululand wreck in 2007.

Koos with his 41 kg ignoblis - the wreck in the background.

Ignobilis do occur in Port Elizabeth but are very rare.

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J van 1977 said...

Koos Jordaan van Sasolburg???