Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Plett water not looking good - River Diving

I was down at Plettenberg Bay recently and at a glance could see that the sea was trashed. East winds howling as well as the colour was a brown with a hint of purple - the chances of a reasonable diver were slim - the only hope being viz beneath the foul surface water. Recent floods had poured in thousands of tonnes of silt and caused considerable damage to houses and washed boats out to sea.

The closest I came to diving was a snorkel in the "Groot Rivier" - the surface water being warm and dirty but a meter or so down in cleared up and cooled considerably. The thermocline was most likely dense salty water with the lighter(yet darker) fresh water on top. Marine fish were congregated in the lower layer.

I have in the past been diving high up the Keurbooms River next to the cliffs - some areas where floods undercut and "dig" the depths are as much as 15 metres - there can be up to 6m viz beneath the dark tea coloured surface water permitting relatively safe navigation for divers. Whole trees can be found below.
Spearfishing is not permitted so rather take a camera along.

Scuba divers could probably have a fun dive in these rivers when the sea is trashed.

The forecasts look better for the next few days so we can expect some reasonable outings after the last few days of wind.

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