Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Port Elizabeth Dive - Shark and Fish

Every year massive shoals of shad, cob and cape salmon (geelbek) congregate in certain areas, especially when it gets cold from upwelling caused by easterly winds. In Certain spot I dive their congregations are almost as consistent as gravity pulls downward.
A while back I decided to film these fish - off to the spot and first dive down revealed the hoard - juvenile cob, cape salmon and shad so thick that I could not not see more than about 2 m in the 8 m viz. Here is a pic of them thick.

They spook a little on one's decent but then their curiosity overcomes the fear and soon I am packed in tight amongst them.
With so much food packed together there is often a predator lurking in the vicinity.
Check out my youtube video to see the fish and predator.

Big cob eat small cob, Big Cape salmon eat small cape salmon, and both eat shad. Sand tigers eat the lot.


Anthony said...

We were fishing for cape salmon on Sunday over Philips reef and a sand tiger of over 2,5m picked me up. After a long struggle i managed to get it to the boat so i could break the line. I am waiting for a friend to e-mail me the pics and i will show you. Are they normally so big here?

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Yes they are up tp 3 m long there - often lots of small geelb and cob there - sometime big white steenbras up to 18 kgs. Jan Feb and March are good months on Phillips Reef for diving if viz allows.

Anthony said...

I hope the weather holds up for the weekend so i can go back there again.