Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Port Elizabeth sharks patrol their home

As promised I have uploaded a clip of raggies(sand tigers)patrolling a cave.
I was really close to these "teenage tigers" and had dumped my gun to focus on the job of filming them. Slightly cautious I took the clip below.

Some people believe that raggies are very docile and relaxed but from experience I agree as well as disagree.
e.g. once I prodded a small raggy that was approaching me - the prod to the nose resulted in a vigorous lunge and snap toward me - speartip being chewed at - enough to command respect from such a teenager.

In 1993 at the Sprinbok spearfishing trial on the RIY banks one diver had his speargun rubbers chewed by a small raggy such that he had to change guns.

There is a very specific way to fend off raggies in which they may snap but always away from you - sign up for my mentorship to learn how - see www.freedive.co.za.
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