Monday, January 28, 2008

Report - recent spearfishing

I hear about some goof fish that came out late last week - Lot's of cuda along the Natal coast both north and south coast. Shoal sized cuda up to near 30 kgs were taken. I have no shot a nice cuda in a long time - perhaps the warm water around Port Elizabeth may even bring in one or two this summer.

There was also cold water around Cape Receife as the 3 day easterly did its work peeling off all that warm surface water and bringing in the cool clean thermocline.

Yesterday was a nice day in PE and I got out to sea on some favourite reefs in Algoa Bay - warm dirty surface water but cool and clearer below. I got some OK footage of teenage sandtigers in a cave - will post it later this week - camera is at home charging.

The windfinder forecast for the week and weekend looks promising - this time of year normally offers less wind.

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