Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SA Spearfishing Team selected for World Champs 2008

I got the SA World Champs Spearfishing Team selection from Mark Jackson this morning. They will have the competition in Venezuela this year. The following team was chosen:

1. Jaco Blignaut

2. Alan Fraser

3. Gyula Plaganyi - Team Captain

4. Angelo Spada - Travelling Reserve

5. Mark Jackson - Travelling Reserve

6. Ryan Burmester - Non travelling Reserve

It was a tough and hard-core spearfishing competition held south of Durban, second only to the qualifier in Spain - Mark kept me informed and he encoutered numerous sharks in the competition: A great white, two tigers, Zambezies and hoards of blacktips.

I teased him saying next time we dive on a spot full of big raggies he will go down, not me. He asked if I had take leave of my senses - he considers raggies in dirty water a far greater threat as they are "too Doff" - the whites, tigers and zambezies are at least a bi more intelligent. I largely agree.

Anyway check out the full post Mark has on his website - it gives a good description of the competition day by day and results of each day expressed as percentages.

Go check out the pics in the gallery and article on

Here is one of mark with two fish taken in the Sprinbok Trial:

The reddish one is an eelskin rockcod and the other is a rubberlip

Well done Guys!

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