Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soya Sauce Upgrades a Fires-roasted fish

I have experimented a bit with getting flavour into thicker fish faster - my approach was to cut the fish(fillet style) open from below leaving the skin in tact on the back. Leave the backbone in and even leave the head and tail on if you like.

Then make small incisions (3/4 way through the fillet) between the vertical bones and pour some soya sauce on - let the fish absorb it while the fire burns - perhaps 40 minutes. I also sprinkle a bit of salt on at this stage.

Next ad soya sauce - I prefer Kikkoman (In PE go to Valley Harvest they Stock it and many more fine foods and exotic items too. Add enough to fill the cavities and to colour the fish brown - see pic below.

By now, at our braais, the foil-wrapped sweet potatoes and butternut squash are almost done in the fire. Then we get at the fish with the baste sauce - see prior posts for recipe and the normal braaiing procedure begins - (braaing is a local word for fire roasting).

I start with the exposed(skinless side first - 30 seconds to seal then baste goes on, then turn to the scale/skin side and do it for 20 min or so depending on the thickness of your fish.

Most cooking happens when this scale side is down over the heat - keeps it moist.

After that remove Remove the skin - it peels off easily with the scales. Now brown the freshly exposed white flesh for a few minutes over hot coals. Fish that have a lot of brown meat along their lateral lines may be too strong so this is the time to scrape it off if you do not like the flavour. Remember to use a smoking stick to add smokey flavour too - its just not the same with out it.

I have just called my nanny to take a cob out the freezer!

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AJ Rabie said...

Nice!, I usually braai with a very similar method, only worchestor sauce in place of soy sauce, I would say that’s even more South African! Also it is a nice idea to impregnate the fish by making cuts. I’ll definitely try it. Now if only the weather would come right in the Cape so I can go shoot a nice yellowtail to braai!