Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spearfishing Course by freedivecoza

I plan to run a spearfishing course next week (1st week of Feb 2008) - my courses where students attend physically are structured as follows:
Two sets of lectures about 2-3 hours in duration to cover theory of equipment(very practical demos etc) as well as training, hunting techniques, regulations, reef finding, landmarking, precautions and dangers, shoredives etc.
I also have a pool training session in which students learn to dive and sort out weights on their belts clear masks, equalize etc.
After that we have one shoredive(should the ocean permit) to go hunting and practise the skills gained in the ocean.

The cost is R595 per person.

Be able to swim,
have a mask, snorkel and flippers and preferably a wetsuit or you get too cold
Desire to improve your diving ability and to learn
Obviously you must be fit enough to swim a bit.
Not be on strong medication (ask your doctor for advice if your are on medication)

See for more details or contact me on 0845733085

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