Monday, February 4, 2008

Eastern Province Trial - Awesome Fish!

On Saturday we had the first EP trial for the year - most unussual conditions - smallish swell, decent viz, good thermoclines, few sharks and light to moderate winds. To top it all there was plenty of fish - many divers got their full ten fish.

The 6 hour competition began at 8:15 and ended at 14:15 - all divers out by boat in hte area from Noordhoek to Hobie Beach in Algoa Bay.

18 species of fish were weighed in including musselcracker, poenskop, baardman(yes I did call one in), red stumpnose, bronzebream, john brown, white steenbras, yellowtail, bonito, butterfish, jutjaw, cape salmon, banksteenbras, sodliers, zebra...

Of course we had to pose with some of our better fish for a pic:

From left to right: Fanus Gerber, Mark Jackson, Darryl Hiscock, Gletwyn Rubidge, Owen Huckstable, Eugene van Wyngaard, and Mauritz van der Horst.

Mark got a decent poensy of 10 kgs.

So there you have it - sometimes a competition produces splendid fish!

I can just immagine the fish we would have got if it was not a competition - focus all that energy on big ones instead of a spread of species!

Keep an eye on for the results.

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