Friday, February 22, 2008

How close was my calculated guess?

Got home and looked at my indicators (clouds) facing north:

Then west:

The few cloud in this pic and the clear sky behind them to the west says to me the wind is very close.

Half an hour later 7:30 pm sitting chatting to family having a beer I saw a baloon being released at about Grey High School - it went strait up for about 30-50 then headed off to the eastwards rather fast - being pushed by a west wind blowing a bit above the city. Then I knew the windfinder forecast would be wrong - they said 2 am today was whennthe westerly would come. My guess was about ten pm yesterday.

I was a bit wrong - 8:45 pm 1 hour 15 minute error.

p.s. I am not normally that close!

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