Monday, February 4, 2008

Hunting Tasslefish (Baardman)

Huting tasslefish is generally not hard as they are not that bright. I have taken many a fine specimen in caves as well as in the open' the largest being a 10.5 kg fish taken in Algoa Bay.

In the pic below note the tassle under the snout - hence the name tasslefish of baardman (Afrikaans for beardman).

These fish prefer sandy areas especially those with caves and flat sandstone structure with cracks. Wrecks are also prime tassle real estate.

It is possible to summon these fish to you by imitating their call.
Triple "duff duff duff" made in my throat is almost irresistable to them.

Watch this youtube clip - one call and a fish arrived swiftly.

Once speared they sometimes emit a deep drumming noise which you can view in this short clip. Big ones have a deeper drumming.

Later I will give a report on our Eastermn Province trial that was unussully succesfull with plenty of good fish being weighed in - certainly a record performance.

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