Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PE Diving prospects for the rest of this week

For the last two days there was a fair swell running in the bay and now there is still a 2.4 m southerly swell - such southerly swell are nasty in that they can wipe out shallower dive both in the bay and on the outside especially when the east winds cause upwellings of stirred-up sediment.

The forecasts show a dropping-swell tendancy toward the weekend and moderate winds so chances are that there will be a decent dive on the weekend.

Feb and March have the best weather in Port Elizabeth - weaker winds and some calm days too, days are still long enough for dives before and after work as well as good fish are abundant due to teh stabilizing thermoclines of Autumn, and the water is generally warm except after lots of east winds.

Time your dive right with the winds and you may get to see fish such as those banksteenbras I posted on the Youtube clip on last Monday.

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