Friday, February 29, 2008

PE diving - weekend prospects

The 4cast looks great - mild winds and small swell(1.5m).

The Bay looked OK this morning but the suns glare from the east could be obscuring murky water.

I am jammed on Sat but certainly will give it a go on Sunday.

I got a late SMS from Cory Versluis last night saying what he got on Protea Banks - he got a 25 kg couta or King Mackerel and a nice 12 kg tropical yellowtail. I will bug him for pics. Shakrs were abundant - zambezies, tigers and even a great white.

Yesterday morning was I drove by Shark Rock next to Hobie Beach I glanced across Algoa Bay toward St Croix - the dead calm sea was broken only by a pod of bottlenose dolphins passing Shark Rock. Beyond I could see St Croix Island and two ships - one on either side. Amazingly the ships were "levitating" some 30 m above the water. There was an optical mirage-like effect making the ships appear to be floating. I swore at some length that I did not have my camera to capture the amazing scene.

Enjoy the diving!

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