Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Port Elizabeth Diving Prospects for the next few days

On my way to work today I got stressed a bit - the water in Algoa Bay at Hobie Beach was looking good. That combined with the time of year(February) and my knowledge of conditions was enough to get me all worked-up.
I know if I went for a dive today to hunt white steenbras I would have a good probability of getting one. The white steenbras off Hobie Beach normally big ones average around 14 or 15 kgs.

Cape Receife (inside Algoa Bay) would also be good for cracker, baardman and soldiers(see pic below)
Not to mention the yellowtail on the outside at Thunderbolt Reef.

A solitary soldier on the RIY banks.

If you can get off give it a try.

Friday to Sunday will probably be out as there is a heavy easterly due and that will "freeze up" the west side - you can probably expect 12 degrees C or less on Sat or Sunday on the west side (Noordhoek to Maitlands).

The rising thermocline will favour good diving results - see our recent EP trial result! Oh, Mark has the results up on now.

Soldier hunting tips:

Keep low and hide away as they approach to lure them in close in clear water.

Hunt them in murky water where viz is lwess than the range of you gun.

Wait longer on the bottom for the bigger ones to come in to look at you.

They enjoy a slaughter - and are attracted to fish fighting and blood in the water.

Chumming works well to get then nearer in the case of very clear water.

Rising thermoclines in sandy areas bring in plenty of these fish.

They are strong fighters - possible the hardest fighting reef fish I know.

Keep finger away from the sharp teeth - they often snap and are bound to inflict a nast bite.

If there are lots of raggies after the soldiers lift the fish right out of teh water when you get it - flapping fish in the air attract less shark action - nb to keep an eye open for sharks when you hold the fish up out of the water.

Bag limit = 5 per person per day.

I took the SA record a few years ago - it was a 5.6 kg fish. In some years when thermoclines rise and fall often many divers may take specimens up to 4 kg even in shallow water if they time their dives carefully. (
Buy my CD for thermocline modelling details to aid timing your dives for increasing your productivity during dives.
See for details.
My mentorships cover optimization of dive productivity in detail - see

Perhaps I will get out for a dive later this arvie - I need to film myself shooting a big white steenbras to put on Youtube.

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you are breathing new life into an old wannabe diver - fantastic site.