Friday, February 22, 2008

Spearfishing, powerheads and sharks

On a number of occasions I have been buzzed by sharks and twice had really rough encounters where I was on the menu. These, however, were extremely rare occasions, fortunately.
Divers developed a countermeasure for shark attacks just as any big game hunter would have a gun to hunt but may need it to defend himself or herself against animals that may desire to eat them.

For me a powerhead is really only insurance and peace of mind. Only once did I ever need to use one to save my skin, on the other occasion I made the shark, a large great white, aware that I was not a seal by giving it a prod.
Should you wish to read about that encounter see:

Powerheads are bullets that fit the end of a spear or a rod. The are potentially lethal as is any tube supporting a bullet i.e. a gun.

Today (22 Feb 08)I have placed a downloadable file on where I describe how I made powerheads and cautions that I have applied in preparing, storing and using them.

See for a link to a landing page where you can download the file if it should interest you.

Note that this is something you should not try unless you are fully educated in working with bullets - misapplication can cost you your life or a bodypart!

Algoa bay looked dirty today, perhaps the west side may offer a dive before the easterly picks up - windfinder predicted a 1.8 m swell.

Have a great weekend.

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