Wednesday, February 13, 2008

spearfishing tip - training yourself to be more stealthy

I have decided to give the odd spearfishing tip through my blog -this is the first one.

Imagine this:

You dive down on a good spot and there are lots of fish - a nice one heads nearer.

Which one do I shoot first - I want a few nice ones not just one. How can I silence that that fish and be able to come back and get more?

Obviously shooting it dead or spining it would be great but experience shows that we do not always roll the fish over. Instead it flaps about spooking its mates.

So what I do is pick out the one comming strait toward me and shoot it stait down the length of the body - this way I immobilize it with the spears rigidity.

This does not work for very big fish where the spear will not penetrate down the length.

Immobolization also arouses less interest of sharks.

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