Thursday, February 14, 2008

sudafrica pesca submarina

Hey Oscar! my Spanish host - Happy Valentines Day for you and Lola!

My competition of "Lemonfish" (Tropical Yellowtail):
Spain wins with the fish I got there in July last year on the shipwreck near Trafalgar

This is the picture:

The spearfishing (pesca submarina) here in Port Elizabeth could not beat that in Spain for "Lemonfish"

My best "lemonfish" of South Africa is only 7 kg - I got it on the RIY banks.

But Oscar, Hey Oscar, at least I got a small Atun (tuna) here some time ago:

Look, Mark has one of 20kg and me one of 18 kg.

What this blog Oscar - soon I will tell the secret how to shoot tuna in Port Elizabeth - the winter is comming and also the tuna!

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