Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coega Harbour Wall Dive - Bronze Bream

A while back I took a video clip on the Coega wall - it shows some growth on the outside of the East wall. The dolosse are huge 30 tons a piece making for great channels and tunnels to swim through - they rest on a bed of rocks. One can surface inside the wall and breath yup there for the next dive. Persons on the boat will most like be very impressed with your apparent 10 minute dives!

Fish were not plentiful and the viz was a fair 3-5 m. I never got to the sand as the viz dropped to 30 cm or so. There is some interesting growth - bryozoans are large but not firmly "rooted". Sea fans are common as well as muscles and some red bait. Starfish abound.

Not sure what these litle blue tubes are called but they look pretty - and there is a yellow sponge that is also common.

Seafans are also common but still quite small - non are more than about 50 cm tall.

I also saw a number of urchins

Have a look at this clip - I dive to a depth of about 10 or 12 meters in the dolosse