Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great white Shark Encounters - blank mail

Sorry bout the blank mail guys - must bee too much diving making my mind equally blank!
I had a spot of 3G troubles and network kickoffs!

What I intended to say on the post before last is posted below:

"I got a call from Mark Jackson the other day - heard via the ever-efficient spearfishing grapevine that the Natal lads have been seeing a few great whites.
Jaco Blignaut and Alan Fraser each had an encounter with aggressive sharks on the same day - last week Wednesday I think it was. Their spearfishing outings were of the memorable type!
Jaco's white has plans of a meal with Jaco as the intended snack while he was diving the 19 fathom line. Apparently the biggest white he's seen and it was enthusiastic. Alan encountered a smaller shark in shallow water on a shoredive but it was not to be outdone by the large one that was intent on eating Jaco and it was also very aggressive.
The third encounter on that day was from the scuba divers who were buzzed by a great white.

From a great white point of view things have been quiet in Port Elizabeth, as is the norm.

Anyway here we still have raggies to contend with.

It is hard to predict how you will react when a great white gets keen on you - the only adive I can give is keep your spear gun between you and the shark - the sharp tip should anchor if it come at you fast and that way you can "keep it at bay".
Shark pods would make good insurance.

So far the Easter weekend has been bad for diving - often this time of year is not good."

Eventually you have it.
Apologetic regards,,

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