Monday, March 3, 2008

Marlin at Kapodistrias

On Saturday evening I got a call telling how Darryl Hiscock met a marlin on the wreck of the Kapodistrias just off Cape Receife. I called up Darryl and got the story first hand.
He was diving on the Kapo in 9 m of water and noticed a shadow - looking anxiously for the source of the shadow he noticed a large shape above in the 7 m viz. In the past divers had seen great whites on the wreck probably attracted by the banging of the plates in the surge. First thought to Darryl was that it was definitely a great white. As he got a better look he notice a bill and clicked that it was a large marlin. He set off after the fish with an 1100 speargun and 20 m floatline. The fish idled off (marlin idle is almost human sprint. He never quite managed to get closer but only stayed with its tail - hoping it would turn. Eventually, with legs on fire Darryl tried one last move - he screamed in the water and the marlin gave a tail kick and turned broadside but well out of range - then it disappeared. He estimates it was about 150 kg.
For PE waters that is a most unusual meeting - almost a once in a lifetime coincidence.
I heard that there were many raggies on Thunderbolt Reef and on the reefs out from Shelley beach. Some divers got some nice reef fish down toward Seaview.

On Sunday I encountered a medium raggy and had to discipline it twice before it left me alone. A few dives later I saw it again - while away it had summoned its two big brothers. I disciplined one brother and when the other came in it was time to get air - we moved as the vis was not good.

The autumn thermoclines are stabilizing and I think they will be with us for some time, windfiner predicts easterlies later n the week.

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