Monday, March 10, 2008

Port Elizabeth Diving Report

As promised the weather held for the weekend and the cycle is favourably in sync with weekend weather.
At present we can ask:
"What comes after two days of great weather?"
Answer "Windy Monday!"
Life She's good like dat!

Some reports I had was that there were thermoclines about and viz was variable - dirty in the band near the thermocline but clearer in the cold water below and clear in the top layer. This happens towards autumn.

Eugene van Wyngaartd got some good tail at St Francis:

Darryl had to turn down to smaller targets than 150 kg marlin visiting the Kapodistrias and was probably "sniping" baardman or bank steenbras. I can sympathize with him.

I was down off deep Sardinia bay for a few dives amongst a fleet of surf ski fishermen. On my second dive into teh clear water belwo at about 20 m I met a very interest raggy and it followed me up some way - eventually I gave it the jab and it arched its back, turned and snapped in irritation. Next dive I met it again but is thundered off before I could get in another jab. The surf ski fishemen complained that some geelbek were pulled in without their bodies - perhaps El Sand Tigre or Mr Wolf knows where they went.

After some time trying I managed to get a clip of my spear stoning a red stumpnose. The vis was not great but it came out OK. FOr those banned on YouTube I added a pic of a stump - not taken recently though.

Here is the clip: