Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rubaria Boats New Developments 2008

Ruberia boats has a new design on the Stealth 430 "v" hull. I have a couple of pics that my brother took showing the general changes. I will get a few more pics showing the specific alterations in more detail.

The boat you see here has a custom canopy to protect the skipper against direct sunlight and rain from clouds, or birds.

A side-on view from above:

Next a front view showing the "v" - sharp for cutting through chop and waves.

An oblique rear view

Oblique fron view showing off the form

Later I will post more pics showing the specific finer feature of the vessel.

Price including VAT:
Stealth 430 V Hull, double console, rollbar, registered galvanized trailer R45 223.55

A 10% cash discount is given.

For further information contact Ruberia Boats at 041 5811928

I will in due course put a new price list with all the details and pics on

Oh yes Algoa Bay looked great this morning - flat clear and a light east blowing. I wished I was not off to work!

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