Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend prospects for Port Elizabeth diving

Not good! 2.1 - 3.4 m swell due from the south. The bay was quite swelly on my way in to work today - colour not good in the shallows. Prodive guys were out from Hobie Beach but have not yet gotten back at 11 am so I cannot give a report.
Saturday seem like it will be windy with a fresh westerly due with midday rain and Sunday will be better weather but with a 3 m swell - perhaps I will take Zephyr fishing.

An observation on teritoriality of certain fish
Some fish are definately residential - Boxfish and Frenchies. I often see the same fish in one are again and again - there is a frenchie off Hobie beach that looks like a pizza with a bite out of his back - perhaps a hungry shad was the perpertrator. I will try get a pic of it next time. This little fish has been there for at least four years and the boxfish, pictured below seems residential too - I often see it in the same area but it has no distinctive marking to positively ID it.

The fish behind the boxfish is a small baardman or tasslefish

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