Thursday, April 10, 2008

Algoa Bay's St Croix Sardine Splash

Some time back in summer I took a clip from the surface of sardines splashing about near StCroix Island - at first glace I would have thought they were being pursued by a predator but my buddy diver got in and found none - they were apparently just splashing about - maybe getting extra oxygen from the bubbles they made. (frenchies (Fransmadams) seem to love heavily oxygenated water and can often be seen gulping away at bubbles where waves break.

I am not sure if they were sardines or red-eyes but it was great to see. Often this tinme of year sees some shoals of sardines in our area - probably a warm-up for the sardine run. In May and June I have seen some massive shoals on the west side (Cape Receife to Skoenmaakerskop. Sometiem yuo ly on the bottom and it gets dark - you look up into a shoal of sardines 8 m thick 50 long and perhaps 30 m wide. Fish such as soldiers scotsman, cape salmon and yellowtail often tag along the great moving Mac Donalds.

Here is the clip I took near St Croix Island.

I took a look at the flat sea in Algoa Bay yesterday and it was kinda purple - lots of plankton I believe. Windfinder still predicts nice calm conditions - wind and sea with swell not exceeding 2 m till Monday - perhaps we will get some good diving in soon.


Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hi Gletwyn,
How was the weekend's diving? Don't know about the sards, but all the fishing boats at Infanta say it is full up with anchovy and dolphin.

Found some lost visitors in the shallows - two yellowtial kingfish, and got the smaller one of 6.12 kilos which is a WP record, but WP spearfishing is in such disarray, don't even think there is a records officer!

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Did not dive - bad viz on Friday and not much hope for sat. Iron Man contest hogged up roads on Sunday.

Yes Tony I have skipped claiming plenty of EP records as for a long time our records system was no good. (Skipjack of 5.3 kg, White steenbras 18.9, spotted grunter of 4.9, then later a 6.5 kg one, parrot of 5.8kg, and bronze bream of 5.5 kg, king mackerel 13 kg, dusky yellowtail of 6.7 and a malabar rock cod of ~ 7kg. Oh yes and an Englishman of 3.6 kg that I got on RIY banks last year.)
I gues we are also jsut a bit slack because if I really wanted to claim those will great desire I would have pushed it through!