Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comments & questions on my blog

I had a request that I open my blog for comments from non-registered persons. I have done so thus you should be able to comment easily without having to first be registered on blogger.
If you have something to say the say it - please try keep criticism constructive.
Question are welcome too but I cannot gurauntee promp answering but certainly will try to do so.


Tony Elvin-Jensen said...

Hey Gletwyn, thanks. Not much to report on Cape Town diving, we have had plenty SE, and now a bit of winter swell. A mate saw a kob in the kelp on the Atlantic side on a midweek dive, but could not get him in the dirty water.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back agian. I might go out the weekend if my boat is finish. I can launch in the habour and go out if the Iron man is blocking your launch. I wiil let you know closer to friday.

Zane said...

Gletwyn, looks like us shoredivers have Kini Bay, Seaview, Beachview to choose on Iron Man day or going the other way North End.

The Ron Man cycle leg stops (turns around somewhere near/before Kini Bay per my interpretation of the map on the Iron Man site.