Monday, April 14, 2008

Fish in a cave divesite at Seaview, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (good for spearfishng)

I found a clip in on of my many poorly managed folders of a cave divesite at seaview Port Elizabeth. It is in shallow water about 5 m deep and there are large slabs of sandstone with hollows beneath them.
When swell scours aways the sand they are nice real estate for reef fish and make for great spearfishing if the swell and tide are right along with a thermocline and lots of fish - we spearos really are quite demanding!!!
So many variables in this sport!

Here is an excerpt from my divebook the spot

"Toilet Caves
About 1 km west of the Seaview Hotel you may turn down to the left onto a dirt parking area (there used to be a toilet here, hence the name). Park here and swim out through the gully, to the left and the right there are good, very shallow, close-in reefs with deep gulley's and large caves (if not silted-up). Musselcracker, baardman, bronze bream, galjoen, white steenbras, garrick, and cob visit this reef. Depths are typically three to seven meters. Further out is a lot of sand, and then lots more sand, so stick to the shallows. The swell must be flat and the tide preferably high for this divesite to be worthwhile."

for more info on the divebook see

Here is the clip:

Later in the week I will give some information on finding wrecks to dive on at North End.

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