Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Light winds and flat seas

Back from my 1 week holiday at Pine Lake Marina - Gerrike's point was flat, cold and dirty so I did not try dive except in Swartvlei but there I saw no fish - inland water so spearfishing is not permitted!
Today I logged onto windfinder to find that it finds no wind and small swell! Wow! weekend diving may be good except that the Iron Man competition is "blocking" local roads again this year and keep us away from the sea on the west side and in the Bay up till the PE harbour.

Perhaps the North End wrecks will be divable - once I took a number of big garrick at the wrecks off Sidon Street - viz was an amazing 6 m (great viz for that spot) and I got my quota of garrick - five fish between 8 and 16.7 kg. I battled to get them up the rocks!
Some bigger fish that can be found on those wrecks include cob (10-15 kg), Cracker - (8-15 kg) and white steenbras too normally big ones averaging 14 kgs.

Other nice fish that I have seen or taken there include very big cuckoo bass - I once equalled the SA record there -5.8 kg, yellowbelly rockcod, crayfish and spotted grunter.

Skipjack are also present on occasion - the biggest I got was 5.4 kgs. They are bony but the meat can be scraped off the bones and is good eating as a kind of fish mince.

Just before I left last week to go on holiday Eugene van WynGaartd got some good fish at Bushy Park - see pic below. I was also there at Bushy Park but suffered severely from a tummy bug. Despite the bug I continued to dive at about 1 dive for every two that Mark did. My sufferings were eventually rewarded with a nice cracker. Interestingly I had been checking out a cave for a few dives and on my last dive a 13 kg cracker was in the cave and made an easy target - it must have snuck in during one of my long, sickly rests on the surface between dives.

Here is a pic of Eugene and Didi with their fish.

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