Friday, April 25, 2008

My Holdiay and Cool link plus 4cast

Well this weekend am off to Cob Inn in the Transkei. I have had word it is great for fishing and diving but viz is very scarce. Not sure if I can get online there as 3G coverage is not a certainty.

If you are a PE person have a look at the following blog:

It shows daily pics of PE. Some are really great. Soon perhaps you will see some of mine on that site...

4cast for the next few days:

Today moderate west(fresh already though) and flat sea - shordive could be an option - not for me thought too much to get ready for trip.
SAt fresh westerly and 2.6 m swell - (westerlies are winning now as we approach winter)
Sunday - mild west and 2.5 m swell turning to south - I would got to RIY or Thunderbolt to get yellowtail after the westerly - bonnies should be there too. Also dive the deeper reefs where vis would still prevail.
Monday variable winds with 2 m swell
rest of week flattish to very flat - good dive opportunities and going east toward next weekend.

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