Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spearfishing Cape knifejaw pic and youtube clip

Cape knifejaw (also called Cuckoo bass or parrot) are often take by spearfishermen as they are not teh brightest fish and do make good eating. Some specimens from Algoa Bay are very strong - I believe the flavour depends on their diet. The firm pure white flesh if great if done on a fire.
I sometimes stab these fish instead of spearing them - it is a bit more sporting. I wait for the fish to approach and then when the surge is bringing it my way I jab hard at it an with a sharp speartip it is very easy to get one without discharging the potential energy of the rubbers.

Some times when sever thermocline rise in the summer months these fish swarm over reefs in large shoals that rush in to look at a diver then charge off making thuds as each fish spooks. This is a terrible phenomenon when you are hunting a big prize fish such as a poensjkop.cracker or red steenbras as the spooking of the knifejaws spooks all else and one must be supercalm and relaxed on the bottom to try keep the knifejaws relaxed enough to allow the better fish close before the spook. My spearfishing mentorship covers fleeing order and techniques to improve success drastically.
(see http://www.freedive.co.za/mentorship.htm)

Last year about this time I took a clip of me taking a knifejaw . I added the link to the clip below.

I have a picture of a nice specimen of about 4 kg that I got near Coega as well.

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