Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Algoa Bay Ocras take out a Dolphin

THe new yesterday sopke of five orcas killing a dolphin and tour operators from Prodive and Expert Tours got footage of the action.

Here is the link to the Herald's article.


I once encountered an Orca - here is what happened:

Orca Escourt In 1994 a Fanus Gerber and I were diving this area while a fresh current was running – I was some 80 m behind the boat when in the five odd meter viz a large killer whale swam in and turned next to me – I almost “fell out of my wetsuit”! Having heard how they play with their prey I defensively pointed my speargun in its direction (for what it was worth). I began heading up-current toward perceived safety the four meter inflatable boat. The orca faded out of the viz and I became rather nervous as I could not judge the direction of its next approach if there was to be one. The speargun gave me little security - I felt somewhat like a hunter trying to take a Bengal tiger in thick tall grass armed with a pellet gun. The orca made another pass and produced a clicking sound like that of a dolphin. I was relaxing somewhat more now. By the third pass I had stopped pointing the gun at the orca and rather tried to keep it in sight – now enjoying its visit but still a bit unsure of myself. After one more pass the whale made off out to sea under the boat and passing by my Fanus who immediately sought safety of the boat. We had an excited chat about the whale and watched its tall dorsal fin making off to the southeast. Upon discussing the encounter with other persons it became apparent that orcas are not aggressive toward man. I certainly hope for another such encounter in the future.

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