Monday, May 5, 2008

Cob Inn Pictures

I got back from hiliday yesterday - Cob Inn in the Transkei. Diving was very poor and I had only one dive - will report on that tomorrow or next day.
Here are a few pics for now.

Here is the route to the river..

Put your boat in here - or at another spot 80 away:

Follow the rivers channel which was easy to the mouth.

This is the funzone where one launches just otherside the black rock in the surf low tides can be problematic with surf and depth of water in the river.

You can sea the channel into teh surf by observing there the waves make a saddle of calmer water. I launched in surf with sets reaching 2.5 m and with correct timing I drove strait through.

The one great thing was not be regulated and pay all sorts of bullshit fees and put up with the crap that tends to accumulate at launch sites.

While chilling out I got one unique pic of a rainbow and a wreck with a seagull flying over.

See my next post for options to dive at Cob Inn when the inshore is trashed.

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