Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sordwana Nationals

Southern Natal A won the event as a team (Guyla Plagyani, Alan Fraser, and Brent). The deep diving seems to have payed off. The last day was dismal - not many fish being weighed in - somewhat like the Tuna Classic where each diver weighed in percentages of a fish on average.
Anyway well done to the Natal team!
I will put up a link to the results when they are available on www.saspearoranking.co.za then the spearos rankig can be checked out too.

Our eternal summery Autumn seems due to continue whe I look at the 4cast. Onlty trouble is all the offshores winds will probably not give us blue water!

I saw a sand tiger on Sunday and it was keen on checking me out. We had soem really cold thermoclines and chilly surfce water. Some yellowtail are hanging around Thunderbolt but they were spooky and keeping back.
St Francis is also cold and murky.

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