Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorwana Nationals Day Two

Word has it some good fish are comming out of the 25 m viz but they are still a bit sparse. Again the ratio is about 0.75 fish per diver on average.
The biggest fish taken yesterday was a 33 kg wahoo - all weghts are gutted. A 33 kg wahoo is big!Another wahoo of 24 kgs and two smaller ones of 11 kgs were also taken. Other fish to come out included two 11 kgs king mackerel, 15 kg ignoblis kingfish, 11 kg tropical yellowtail and a 9 kg fulbi kingie.
The Southern Natal team is leading. Apparently they have been doing some real deep diving to as far down as 40 m.

Diving to 40 m is hard here in the cape where we battle with wetsuits which are thick and offer more resistance but it can be one if you are fit. In my mentorship program I have a number of lesson on deep diving, which if diligently followed will probably get you down to 40 m and back up safely. They worked for me. See for details

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