Tuesday, May 20, 2008

South Africa Nationals 2008 News

Sordwana is the SA nationals spearfishing venue this year. Yesterday was the first day of diving. Apparently about 30 fish were weighed in by 45 divers (0.75 fish per person.
A light south to north current ran with 25 m viz. The biggest fish weighed in was a 25 kg ignoblilis kingfish and two smaller ones of around 10 kgs were taken.
Natal teams are leading the field.
Today(Tuesday is a dive day Wednesday a rest and Thursday and Friday are also due to be dive days.
Two days result are to be used for team events and two days for individuals.

I heard that a 60 odd kg bigeye tuna was taken in Cape Town recently. Bigeyes are similar to yellowfin but tend to run deeper and have shorter fins the the yellowfin tuna. A 117 kg Bigeye was taken in the Tuna classic here in PE some years back.

Monster bigeye and yellowfin tuna (over 100 kg and up to 150 kg)occur off Ghana in the areas where splendid blue marlin are often taken. These fish take kona's on the surface. That means spearos can also get them with chum. One day I will do a trip to Ghana to seek the marlin and big bigeyes/yellowfin.

Algoa bay looked flat this morning but I could not judge the colour as saw it too early.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gletwyn, the fish was taken by a mate, Chad Henning, and was over 70 kilos, don't know the exact weight. Spent most of Sunday off the point looking for tail with no luck.