Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spearo Mistake # 1

Last post I said I would mention five gross errors that a spearo can make...

It has long been a philosophy of mine that a mistake is only a mistake if you do not learn from it and then go on and make that same mistake again.
There are some mistakes that can be most expensive in terms of time – you see others around you doing well at what they do and then they go on to do very well and after many years you wonder if you made a mistake bacuse your achievement was far behind? When you realize that you could probably have done better it is a good few years down the line.
If you do the right things early in life later life can be much more successful and with many more options.
Doing small key actions(positively leveraged ones) right all the way through a long and continuous endeavour makes a fantastic difference when compared to this the same person who repeats small but critical mistakes.

Spearo Mistake #1:

Following the wrong spearfishing hobby/career development plan.

Did you know that every spearo has a spearfishing plan that he or she is following? That plan may be one of which he is aware or perhaps not. And, your spearfishing plan will either lead you to spearfishing success or weakness?

Having no plan is somewhat like a floating iem being steered laregely by outside forces.
Following a wrong plan can be equated to the fate of the German Battleship, Bismarck, one of the many British torpedos that struck her hull jammed her rudder and sealed her fate.

Do you have a spearfishing (or fishing)career development plan?

Some time back I read and interesting excerpt of a comparative study of miilionaires and billionaires - the former generally reviewed their goals once a day while the latter reviewed theirs twice a day.

Makes one think does'n it.

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