Monday, May 19, 2008

Spearo Mistake # 2

This is the second in s series of five posts that address gross errors that spearos can make. Such errors impact negatively over long time periods. Short term little effect will be seen but in the long term you can look back and say:
"Sh1T!, if only I knew that back then - it would have mad such a difference.

Spearo Mistake # 2
Blindly turning your outings over to a "professional" spearo to do your strategizing for you.

I am not comfortable passively allowing other people to be in control of my spearfishing destiny, and never was. This is somewhat obvious as my goals and theirs are not exactly the same thus I must have control over my dives yet still keep dive partners aims in mind too. Some compromising is obviously required. Actually completely turning over control that way really spooks me in any field be it spearfishing, bringing up my kids or investing!
On the other hand do not let such an attitude block going out for a learning experience though - see it as research and development.

Does this approach take more effort?
Absolutely, but the results are worth it. Vastly increasing your spearfishing success, getting great fish regularly and having success on almost all outings is worth the extra effort.
Those rewards: achievement, recognition and adventure certainly dwarf the investment of time and money it will take you to master the skills.

So there you have the first two mistakes:

Spearo Mistake #1:
Following the wrong spearfishing hobby/career development plan.

Spearo Mistake #2:
Blindly turning control of your dives over to a "professional" spearo to plan and execute your dive missions.

Keep an eye open for the next three.

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