Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spearo Mistake # 3

Spearo Mistake #3:
Focusing on the "Spearfishing" and forgetting about You the spearfisher!

The risk of not getting good fish consistently cannot be isolated from the spearo. You create your own risk, just as I create mine.
I have seen spearos get into a rut of spearfishing, repeating the same outing time after time getting the odd fair or good fish but mostly taking the same “rats and mice”.
Then you hear the alibis and excuses that there are no good fish….

“If you find yourself slipping into the blaming others [or conditions] mode, get out of it quickly.”
Donald Trump (I would say, in his field, he is one worth listening to wouldn’t you?)

Every time I fail I blame myself for not having found the fish that way I take full responsibility and keep on trying new approaches. In R&D style spearfishing I am willing to take risks in studying the frequency of events, e.g. in hunting white steenbras I have a success rate of 1 in 6 – every six outing I see or get fish of about 14 kg. There is a risk of coming home empty handed and I was quite willing to take it, but for my efforts I got a model describing when to go and where to go as well as how to behave for success. (conditions modelling and stats is one of the later lessons in my mentorship program)

What's risky for one spearo may be the bread and butter [fish, crayfish and glory] for another spearo.
For example, In the early to late nineties would choose my dives specifically. I began going out to dive on windy days but used topography for shelter and could withstand 15-30 knot easterlies in my 4 m inflatable. No other divers’ boats were present on those days. On such highly leveraged dives my divebuddies and I took many a personal best fish and had superb catches – miles above average while still shooting selectively. On top of this by going out in seemingly horrific conditions we learned techniques that optimized our contact time with large shoals of fish in narrow windows of opportunity.

So make sure you look after You and develop yourself rather than focus all your time on spearfishing only. In chemistry we can waste month or years in the laboratory doing experiments while a week spent on the literature and produce splendid results quickly and reduce the wasting of plenty of time and effort as well as money.

Summarising of the mistakes: The Mistakes:
Spearo Mistake #1:
Following the wrong spearfishing hobby/career development plan.

Spearo Mistake #2:
Blindly turning control of your dives over to a "professional" spearo to plan and execute your dive missions.

Spearo Mistake #3:
Focusing on the "Spearfishing" and forgetting about You the spearfisher!

Later in the week I will cover the 4th mistake.

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