Friday, May 30, 2008

Spearo Mistake # 5

Spearfishing Mistake #5: Having no clear, written criteria to use to evaluate spearfishing opportunities.
There a many times and places that you may go to dive.
Combinations of time place and you become far too many to cover all and you have to try the one that you think will be best under the present conditions with due consideration the recent history of environmental factors and those of the near future.
That's why the written, or memorised criteria can be used to set up a meeting between you and the fish at the right place and right time.

Quite simple when you look at it that way but in reality it takes practise to get right.

Eventually you can get a model to predict the right meeting site and when to go there.

Summarising the errors again:

The Mistakes:Spearo Mistake #1:
Following the wrong spearfishing hobby/career development plan.

Spearo Mistake #2:
Blindly turning control of your dives over to a "professional" spearo to plan and execute your dive missions.

Spearo Mistake #3:
Focusing on the "Spearfishing" and forgetting about You the spearfisher!

Spearo Mistake #4:
Focusing on "diving more the way that you dive at present – repeating the same routine" versus getting to know what increases success and leveraging that.

Spearo Mistake #5:
Having no clear, written spearfishing criteria to use to evaluate spearfishing opportunities.

Do you make any of these?

I made plenty of errors and still make some. I looked over my 1995 spearfishing diary the other night. Each dive I recorded the weight of fish I got.

Guess what the most common entry was when I reviewed those weights of fish I got on each dive?

The most common entry was 0 kg.

That year I did 95 dives. Guess how many zeros I got?

This year 2008 so far I have 3 zeros! Two in the Transkei at Cob Inn and one here at home while seeking white steenbras - on that dive I left the big bronze bream and soldiers so as not to spook the white steenbras if they were there.

In 1995 I had 30 zeros!

Why the big change? - Ability to dive? No - I would say I am weaker now than I was then as a diver but I use my head more and I also made a point of avoiding the five errors I have talked about in the "Spearo Mistake" posts.

My Spearfishing Mentorship Students see in detail how I converted from many dives with 0 kg to very very few.

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