Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spearo Mistakes # 4

I have been a bit distracted with work, family and diving but eventually here is mistake # 4 that spearos tend to make - remember that this type of mistake has little impact in the short term but a large impact in the long term.

Spearo Mistake #4:
Focusing on "diving harder” as you dive at present – repeating
the same routine with more effort versus getting to know what
increases success and leveraging that which increases your
This error is analogous to putting all your efforts into saving
money, or working more hours for it, rather than investing the money and investing efficiently – get what I am saying?

Eventually, if continued too long, this approach results in imbalance and system burnout.

This mistake is closely related to number three :
Focusing on the "Spearfishing" and forgetting about You the
spearfisher! The difference is in the area of focus - number 4 it out there in the real sea where it happens - number three is directed toward the spearo mentally.

On occasion I would go out to sea and decides not to dive any good spots I know. I make this little rule - "I am not allowing myself to dive any spots I know today". Spend the time elsewhere, trying new areas and different methods. This is how the Cape Town tuna were "discovered". Some guy tried diving amongst the fishermen far out to sea and got lucky - I doubt there was much luck - he had thought it through an had full intent of finding and spearing a tuna. Now spearos in CT dive there often - before, for many years, the Cape Town divers would basically not go out seeking tuna - yet all along the tuna were there.

It is rather amusing to see how often splendid fish and areas can be found right near the launch sites - only many years later the divers or fishermen discover these spots they have been driving over for years. I know this very well - have very guilty of it myself!

Forgetting your sounder and GPS at home may be just what you need - once Mark and I did that - we found five great new spots and got splendid fish on those. Thereafter we had five more options when diving that area - it came about as a mistake - so why not make such mistakes on purpose.

Summary of The Mistakes:
Spearo Mistake #1:
Following the wrong spearfishing hobby/career development plan.
Spearo Mistake #2:
Blindly turning control of your dives over to a "professional" spearo to
plan and execute your dive missions.
Spearo Mistake #3:
Focusing on the "Spearfishing" and forgetting about You the
Spearo Mistake #4:
Focusing on "diving more the way that you dive at present – repeating
the same routine" versus getting to know what increases success and
leveraging that.

Later in the week I will post the last one.

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