Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tuna Classic 2008 results for first two days

Day 1 produced two marlin of just over 100 kgs, one was caught on a Rapala lure. Tuna were scarce with 5 small fish from 20-25 kg being weighed in.

(Marlin seem be be becomming regula catches - I even saw one at the western side of the canyon 65 km off Port ELizabeth - whe I speared it it busted my gear and got away - guess it was around 200 kg)

Day two saw a big swell and this seems to be what brings the tuna up near the surface. A big fish of 89.3 kg was weighed in by Shane Gerber - way to go Shane!

It took a long time for him to land - 1 hour 45 min.

I agree with this reasoning - when Mark and I took a day off work to go spear tuna we were not able to launch at Noordhoek as the swell was mosterous - so we went from Hobie Beach and speared three tuna about 8 km south of the lighthouse. We saw them many times and only managed three fish, 18, 21 and 10 kgs. Th great part was that we guessed we would find them and went strait out and got them. Heavy west winds brought up the swell the day before and we went the next day. Anyway back to the competition...

The other reason I say "Wow!" is that there are 60 boats taking part.
Only fish over 20 kg may be weighed in. So far over the two days 16 fish have been weighed in.
Over the two days once could say there were 120 boat outings and 16 fish were caught.
16 divided by 120 gives the number of weightable fish taken per boat per day.
0.133 - That is 13.3 % of a fish per boat!! If there are on average three anglers per boat that gives 13.3/3 fish per person = 4.4% of a fish per person!!!!

I guess the morale of the fishermen is not high but surley the hope of a marlin or a big tuna boosts it somewhat.

How does this fare in relation to the trips we have done out to the local tuna grounds?
It makes sense - we see few fish - one per diver per day is good. I think that if one compares this fish density to that of Cape Town it will be shocking how much more action there is in Cape Town.

Once on a trip out fro Hout Bay Mark Jackson and I saw hoards of big tuna - some probably as big as the one taken in the Tuna Classic in PE yesterday. Mark got one of 70 kg with the gun and we caught many. My first fish on a lure was about 40 kg and the second one on bait was ~55 kg. We could see them come up next to the boat and east baited hooks 4 m away from the boat.

I hope the tuna spearfishing competition in Cape Town takes place today - the fish are apparently thick all we need is for the weather to give a gap. Weather as per windfinder seem OK toady is almost certainly a go and tomorrow may also be but sat seem too windy.

Last year's Tuna Classic saw a few big fish landed but they were also scarce - one great fish taken last year was a 65 kg sailfish....

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