Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuna Classic and Tuna open Competitions

May 6-10 2008 is an interesting period for fishermen and spearfishermen alike.
In Cape Town the Cape Town Yellowfin Tuna Open Tournament is being held and at the same time the yearly Tuna Classic fishing competition is being held in PE waters.
Anging vs. Spearfishing - this one should be interesitng.

More correctly I should say Port Elizabeth angling vs. Cape Town Spearfishing.

From My experience I think that the spearfishing in Cape Town will produce better catches per person than the anging competition here in PE.

The weather for the PE competition certainly is the better as per windfinder.

I will keep you posted as I get results.

By the way Algoa bay looked flat and clear along the beachfront this morning. If you shore dive take your biggest float - Tuna Classic boats may run you over on their way home if you are not visible and they head into the low sunlight so you may not be so visible.

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